Hi, my name is Erin Bittman. I have a Bachelor of Science in Design from the University of Cincinnati, DAAP College, School of Design. I am happiest when I am creating and absorbed in my work. I am passionate about design, especially when I am given the opportunity to collaborate with like minded individuals that will push my skills to the limit. What I love about design is how I learn something new with every project I take on. Through design I hope to evoke emotions, make things more understandable and connect with others with various backgrounds and experiences. 


Lab Llama Logo

Logo for a computer resource brand located in Corona, California. The concept of the logo design was influenced by Peruvian handwoven textile art. The geometric panels and vibrant colors relate to the color scheme and textures of the blankets and throws of Peru. Llamas are synonymous with the country and are visualized as peculiar creatures. The brandmark had to be strong and memorable with a wide age range target market. The gradient panels added a nice touch of whimsy to the abstract design.


Wings of Service (Learning) Logo

Logo for a non-profit organization in Brooksville, Florida that teaches kids civic and social responsibility through local and global projects in service learning. The organization's tagline is "to teach kids to spread their kindness and compassion for others as far as they can reach." The colors blue and green represent the global projects they take on / earth and real world learning. The heart wings signify kids learning kindness and compassion. The 2 colors intertwined represent the 2 words. I did a simple leaf vein design to pull the concept together.


Acorn Logo

Branding: logo and animation for Acorn Science Resources in Dublin, Ireland. The client's tagline was "Nuts About Science." Playing off the tagline and going for a stylized graphic comic appeal, I came up with a quirky acorn with a hypnotic eye. After the brand mark was drawn, I utilized the acorn character's "cap" to tie in the academic content sold in the store. Feed your brain: biology, chemistry and physics.


My Unique Learners Logo and Branding

Special education learning tools located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The concept behind the design of My Unique Learners was children who are considered "different" from what society deems as the "norm" are being celebrated with funky patterns. Each patterned child silhouette represents a letter in unique. They are all different showing how each child is unique. The adjectives in the animation had to capture the special talents that children with "disorders" or "disabilities" show. Ex: Aspergers - honest. These children always have some beautiful gift that amazes the world.


Vault Underground Clothing Logo / Signage / Bag

Logo ideation for secret clothing store in the UK (Londonderry) that sells a curated selection of on trend apparel, sneakers and accessories (jewelry and tech). For the logo concept, I emphasized the "hidden, locked up" characteristic of the store by drawing literal vault bars and creating a circular design. To make the logo more abstract and memorable, I added 4 core colors to indicate the store's funkiness since they house unexpected graphic tees and patterned sneakers that aren't mainstream. The store is located in an old, vintage warehouse. To showcase the high quality apparel, chrome (polished aluminum) was utilized for the store's exterior (signage).


Gorton Science Logo and Packaging

Logo for Gorton Science Kits / Resources located in Baltimore, Maryland. The brand focuses on teaching children educational material with an eclectic approach. Custom made font: each letter incorporates a science symbol: electrical cord, petri dishes of cells (plant and animal), magnifying glass, test tube and growing things. Adding a playful element to each letter brought the name to life and signifies the diversity of the brand, showcasing biology, physical science and chemistry.


Sap Juice Packaging and Website

Branding, logo and package design for a juice cleanse beverage. Sap contains simply 5 natural ingredients in each bottle: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, nectar or herbs. What makes Sap stand out against other cold-pressed juice cleanses is that each beverage contains ingredients that are one of two colors. The large, centered letters stand for the colors of the items within each bottle (orange/yellow, red/purple, white/tan, green/blue and yellow/green). Graphics are screen printed on a plastic bottle.


Momgineer Logo Ideations

Branding ideas for Momgineer STEM resources based in Boston, Massachusetts. The client is a former mechanical engineer and now sells STEM focused resources to teachers and home schoolers. The first approach I came up with for the concept was a robotic arm, which was derived after seeing the client's resources which are primarily focused on elementary kids and middle schoolers. The playful element of the arm interacting with the letters in the logo reinforces the brand's hands-on approach to learning through creation and construction. The robot had a futuristic appeal, but the client wanted something that would target a younger age group. Taking a 4 bar linkage device, one of the items she sells, I softened the logo colors and connected the device to the typeface based on the client's preferences.



Pasta! is a large retail coffee table book (12"12") targeted at foodies, providing them with unique recipes, odd additives and translations of pasta shapes. Readers learn the history and evolution of pasta making. Content focuses on Italian pasta and how it made its mark across the world.


Leave A Trail Website

Leave A Trail: Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. The concept of this site was to provide new designers with words of wisdom from AIGA Medalists to have faith in their creativity and succeed in the graphic design field. Quotes scroll down the page. When a medalist is clicked, users can view their work. The site also has an article archive where users can read interviews with the medalists that share their story.


Social Tweeking Design Identity and Logo

Logo / design identity for Social Tweeking (Child Mental Health Resources) based in Western Springs, Illinois. The brand was developed by a clinical social worker who teaches in a special education cooperative in an autism program. Materials focus on social skills, anxiety prevention and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). I took the brand's focus items and came up with 3 transparent circles intertwined. The color scheme cyan, magenta and yellow was developed for a playful effect since materials were geared toward elementary aged children.


Branding for Hughes High School STEM Program

Logo and branding for Hughes High School STEM packs based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The brand graphics pragmatically merge content in science, technology, engineering and math rather than isolating each as a separate component. Color gradients serve to emphasize the inter-relationship of science, technology, engineering and math disciplines.


Azteca Salsa Package

Logo and pattern design for a cottage business located in Mesa, Arizona. The client wanted a timeless design that emphasized the history of salsa making. My concept centered around the Aztec creation of salsa with tomatoes. Aztec lords combined chili peppers and ground squash seeds to tomatoes and other spices to create what we know today as salsa. Graphic elements are derived from a traditional Aztec motif. The red and black color platform further supports the brand's premium positioning. Colors in the Azteca line are pulled from ingredients, making the packaging convenient for consumers to identify.


Be Kind 2 Yourself Campaign

The campaign for "Raising Awareness on Self Harm, Eating Disorders and Addictive Behavior" assures individuals that they are not alone and offers encouragement that they can succeed. The simple logo of hope is posted around cities to provide individuals with a place to reach out. In posters, environmental graphics, magazine ads, guerilla marketing and public service announcements, the Be Kind 2 Yourself icon illustrates that lives can have happy endings.


Sprout Logo, Menu and Website

Sprout is a restaurant/market in Mt. Adams, Cincinnati, Ohio that houses local farmer's produce and goods used in their menu items. Their mission is: "Selected with a conscious effort to represent producers whose dedication to responsible farming and honest craft mirror our own ethos in the kitchen and at home." Sprout focuses on high quality, fresh ingredients; and the restaurant interior features wood crates, benches and tables. Rustic imagery and green communicate the business's sustainable and home grown, natural positioning targeting millennial foodies.


Life Skills Creations Branding

Branding for Life Skills Creations real world learning educational resources based in Seattle, Washington. Students earn badges as they master different sets of skills. Client's vision was to have a colorful "tree of life." Bubble leaves sprout, representing children's growth.


Sakalava Wine Package

A premium red wine of Madagascan origin, Sakalava takes its name from a native tribe known for creating intricate designs on their skin for beautification, as well as for protection from insects and the sun. Graphics derived from authentic tribal women's face paint are screen printed directly on the bottle.



I designed an interactive pig for ArtWorks Big Pig Gig Do-Re-Wee 2012. The theme of the year was music. I didn't want to make a pig that just represented music. I wanted to make a pig that played music! WLWT sponsored my pig. I used the NBC peacock logo for inspiration. The steel xylophone plates represent the logo colors. Initially the pig body was white and it didn't have wings. However, the client wanted a pig with wings and preferred a black form.


Tattoo Ideations

This includes a compilation of tattoo designs I created. Each one is inked on me! I now have a total of 10 tattoos and each one tells a story. My tattoos are a visual journal on my skin.


E is for EXPLORE.com

This ongoing blog with over 2,000 worldwide followers provides art and design activities that integrate different content areas for elementary and home school teachers.


Nature Conservancy Virtual Field Trip

Social media posts notifying educators of Nature Work's free virtual field trip to Coastal Peru taking place live on youtube.

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